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Workpackage 4

Motivation for Pursuit of a Career in FST


Partners involved:


WP Objectives:

The main objective of this WP is to Motivate young people to enter and pursue of a career in food science and technology in Europe.

This objective can be divided into three objectives:

• Evaluate the current practices for attracting students for a career in FST.
• Make FST careers and Food Industry more attractive for the youngsters.
• Use of ICT to attract the future FST leaders.

Description of work:

The aim of this WP is to increase the awareness among high-school students in the different countries for a career in the food industry. In most EU countries, the interest for a study in the field of food science is diminishing, creating a problem in recruiting for the food industry. Although many activities will have to have a local character, the problem is Europe-wide. 

The WP will collect materials and activities used in the different countries to attract high-school students. All beneficiaries thus can see and learn from each other. A session will be organised to exchange best and worst practices and activities in the different countries (Task 4.1).

Thereafter, the WP will undertake several actions on a European level. These include a general web-site with information, especially video and graphic material, to make the food industry more attractive (Task 4.3). The main language will be English, but many aspects can/will be multilingual. For this, active participation of the food industry and the different beneficiaries is required. The WP will also work on collecting teaching packages for high schools that can be used Europe-wide (Task 4.2).

The WP will work together with WP2 in making clear what the careers in the food industry in the different countries are.