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Ethics & Innovation in Food Science and Technology - International Congress (In Memory of Carlo R. Lerici)




Bologna, Italy


On March 2000, Prof. Carlo R. Lerici, one of the most leading scientist in food science in Italy, passed away. Graduated in Chemistry at the University of Bologna, he had begun his research activity in the food science area, designing an innovative research approach in the food quality related to physical and chemical changes during processing. He addressed his interest to the new needs of the food industry, at the time in strong development stage. He began to be part of the international research framework as a visiting scientist at M.I.T. at the beginning of 70’s. Back in Italy, he was one of the first national teacher and researcher in Food Technology.

On his memory, in the frame of the Centro Lerici’s activities, Carlo’s colleagues and friends wish to commemorate his scientific, human and cultural profile, organizing an international Event, recalling Carlo’s wide view on scientific and ethical aspects on food production and development.

TRACK_FAST project, was disseminated at this event by Prof. Marco Dalla Rosa (University of Bologna).